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If you do not find the answers to your questions in our FAQ, give us a call at (855) WASH-CLB and we will be happy to help.

What are your basic laundry services?

WashClub CincyDay offers eco-friendly dry cleaning and pickup and delivery laundry service from your residence or place of business. We also offer tailoring, garment preservation and can help with commercial accounts.

What can WashClub CincyDay do for me, my family, my business, my school, my team, etc?

WashClub CincyDay offers wash-dry-fold and dry cleaning pickup and delivery laundry service from your residence or place of business. WashClub can handle any size order from your daughter’s dirty t-ball uniform to your son’s entire football team’s uniforms to the towels at your gym.

What are your hours of operation?

WashClub CincyDay’s pick-up and delivery hours are broken up into two windows: morning and afternoon, operating Monday through Saturday.

  • Our morning pick-up window is from 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM, Monday through Saturday
  • Our afternoon pick-up and delivery window is from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday
  • We are closed on Sunday
Do I have to be home for the pickup and delivery?

It is not necessary to be present for pickup or delivery as long as we agree upon the method to receive/drop off your laundry, e.g., leaving the laundry on the front or back porch, or in the garage (you can give us your garage code and we’ll keep everything just as it was).

How long does it take for my clothes to be returned to me?

Your laundry orders are returned to you within 24 hours and dry cleaning orders are returned within 48 hours. If you have a combination of both laundry and dry cleaning within your order, the order will be returned all together within 48 hours.

Can I manage my laundry requests on-line?

Yes! Everything can be handled on-line or through the WashClub app.

Is there a charge or minimum amount for pickup or delivery?

For wash/fold and dry cleaning orders, the WashClub CincyDay requires a minimum order of $19.95. There is no charge for delivery of your laundry.

Do you have "Same Day" service?

We currently provide "same-day" service for wash-fold orders. Same day orders must be submitted by 6:30 AM that day; return will be anytime from 6:00-10:00 PM the same day. There is a $25 express fee.

How do I pay for your laundry services?

You can pay for our cleaning services either by debit card or credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

Will my information be kept confidential and safe?

Absolutely! WashClub CincyDay makes every effort to protect your personal information in strict confidentiality. In the case of Internet provided information, we do not sell or provide this personal data to any third parties; it is only used to manage your order requests with the highest level of service possible.

What if there is a problem after my order is returned?

Hopefully this will never happen, but if you’re unhappy with our service, just give us a call and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Please note that some stains that are already set in are tough to get out even with our best products and efforts. But we are always willing to try!

What if I have items that need special care or need spot stain treatment?

No problem. Just select the correct wash package and let us know in the order notes what needs special attention (stains. Also please separate the items for our WashClub team (use a plastic bag). The WashClub CincyDay Team will try their best to get the stain out.

Does my laundry need to be in a bag or basket?

If this is your first order with us our driver will transfer your laundry into a WashClub CincyDay bag with your account number on it. The bag will be yours to keep for future orders.

What if I don’t know the exact weight of my order?

No problem. Just give us an estimate. If its more than a 10lb difference on our scale, a team member will contact you to let you know. We always like to keep our customers informed.

Why is there a 5% gratuity added to my order?

The 5% gratuity is equally divided among the employee drivers and wash techs. The WashClub CincyDay Bay team takes great pride in their work and customer service, should you have any issues with your order please don’t hesitate to let us know at

Are there any additional fees, pick-up/delivery costs, contracts or anything else I should be aware of?

Free sounds so much better then fee. So Free it is! there is no service fee for pick up and drop off and there is no contract or additional fees that you’ll need to worry about.